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Please tell me i’m not the only one who hasn’t noticed it before, oh my god i’m shocked.




Ok, I have to talk about this shot.  It’s probably my favorite shot of the movie because not only is it incredibly beautiful, compositionally speaking, it also has some brilliant symbolism.  Notice the two different elements that dominate the background for Stoick and Valka: Stoick the Vast is surrounded by stone.  The seemingly unchanging, strong, and “stubborn” nature of stone perfectly reflects Stoic’s personality.  However, even stone can be bent, changed with time and circumstance: the visual above shows this in the vertical pillars of stone to the pillars that have tilted (and this is where Stoic stands, as he is still tough as stone but has been changed in his views on dragons).  Now behind Valka is ice.   Water, the element often used to symbolize change, has been hardened to something less than yielding.  This reflects Valka’s struggle to change the village’s mindset to one of peace, but ultimately resigning to her own belief that people simply couldn’t change and there was no point in trying.  However, with just a little heat, that ice turns to liquid again…and coincidentally we see Valka collecting melt water from the ice in the next scene.  I’m not saying that all this symbolism was planned just so…but I kind of am :)



switchfoot was amazing.


tbh whenever i’m feeling homesick i just listen to switchfoot because no matter where i am jon’s voice is like home to me


hiro looks so uncomfortable


Toothless being even more adorable than usual ^^ ©


More speed paint. (-:


i need to see this movie because reasons.

"You know exactly who you are…"

Track: I Feel Pretty +
Artist: Santino Fontana
Album: Transport Group Gala


Santino Fontana on auditioning for Frozen:

"So basically, all that they told me about the character was he’s super confident, perhaps overly confident, he needs to be able to sing with a "Broadway sound" and he’s really good with women, but he may have a dark side. I came into the sound studio and I was very nervous and I sang this."

Happy 35th birthday, Hermione Jean Granger. September 19th, 1979.
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